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Maker Pro Scenic Design PaintsMaker Pro Scenic Design Paints
Chavant Alien Modeling ClayChavant Alien Modeling Clay
Nerpa Polymers Casting EpoxyNerpa Polymers Casting Epoxy
Nerpa Polymers Coating EpoxyNerpa Polymers Coating Epoxy
Nerpa Pearlescent Colour PigmentsNerpa Pearlescent Colour Pigments
Nerpa Polymers Liquid ColorantsNerpa Polymers Liquid Colorants
Premiere Zero Marble Sealer
Sculpt Nouveau Vinyl ResinsSculpt Nouveau Vinyl Resins
Sculptamold Modeling and Casting CompoundSculptamold Modeling and Casting Compound
KX Flex Elastomer 40
Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum Jelly
From $59
Urefil 13 Resin Filler
EpoxAcast 692 Deep Pour EpoxyEpoxAcast 692 Deep Pour Epoxy
Hydro Clear
Hydro Clear
From $48.95
Ultimate Vine Making KitUltimate Vine Making Kit
Sculpture Supply Gift Card
Typhoon Carbide Bur 1/4" ShaftTyphoon Carbide Bur 1/4" Shaft
Typhoon Carbide Bur 1/8" ShaftTyphoon Carbide Bur 1/8" Shaft
Tungsten Carbide Bur 1/8" ShaftTungsten Carbide Bur 1/8" Shaft
Matrix DryveMatrix Dryve
Matrix Dryve
From $66.50
Westmore FX DEUX : Silicone AdhesiveWestmore FX DEUX : Silicone Adhesive
Westmore FX SilicONE : Adhesive RemoverWestmore FX SilicONE : Adhesive Remover
Westmore FX SilicONE : Adhesive ThinnerWestmore FX SilicONE : Adhesive Thinner
Westmore FX SilicONE : Silicone AdhesiveWestmore FX SilicONE : Silicone Adhesive
Cosclay Special FXCosclay Special FX
Flexi Paint CoatingFlexi Paint Coating
Flexi Paint Coating
From $20.99
Isopropyl Alcohol 99%Isopropyl Alcohol 99%
MelPAX Makeup (standard colors)MelPAX Makeup (standard colors)
MelPAX Makeup Metallics and PearlsMelPAX Makeup Metallics and Pearls
MEL Bald CapsMEL Bald Caps
MelPAX Silicone On Set MoldsMelPAX Silicone On Set Molds
MelPAX Makeup KitsMelPAX Makeup Kits
MelPAX Makeup Kits
From $67.57
Aqua-Resin Terrazzo Marbleizing Kit
MEL Perma BloodMEL Perma Blood
MEL Perma Blood
From $35.50