Urefil 13 Resin Filler

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Gallon 1 lb
Five Gallon 7 lb



Smooth-On URE-FIL fillers disperse easily in Smooth-On materials. They can be added to materials in different proportions to achieve a variety of working properties and effects. Some fillers are designed for cost-savings, others are designed for specific casting effects or improved physical properties. Other URE-FIL fillers are designed specifically for thickening materials for brush-on or trowelable application.

URE-FILª 13 is a poly-blend filler used to thicken urethane plastics and epoxies for vertical surface application. URE-FILª 13 is added in small amounts for thickening, which allows for additional strength in cured plastic pieces. Flexible urethane mixed with URE-FILª 13 can produce a carveable and stampable finish, useful for zoological and theming applications. For example, Simpactª 80A combined with URE-FILª 13 is often used for vine-making applications. See Vine Making Technical Bulletin.
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803410 - Urefil 13 Resin Filler - Five Gallon

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