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Traditional Black PatinasTraditional Black Patinas
Birchwood Liquid PatinasBirchwood Liquid Patinas
Clear Guard Lacquer
Clear Guard Lacquer
From $28.69
Metal Coatings Type B
Sculpt Nouveau UV Wax (all metals)
Traditional Brown Patinas
Traditional Green PatinasTraditional Green Patinas
Water Base Dye-Oxide Patina
Metal Cleaner Degreaser
Smart Stain
Smart Stain
From $28.99
Ferric NitrateFerric Nitrate
Ferric Nitrate
From $22.95
Universal Patina
Universal Patina
From $23.95
Smart Coat Sealer
Smart Coat Sealer
From $32.95
Liver of SulphurLiver of Sulphur
Liver of Sulphur
From $35.29
Cupric NitrateCupric Nitrate
Cupric Nitrate
From $34.95
Traditional Rainbow PatinasTraditional Rainbow Patinas
Metal Coatings Type C
Birchwood Gel Patinas
Vista Patina
Vista Patina
From $28.05
Traditional Blue PatinasTraditional Blue Patinas
Ever-Clear Acrylic Urethane Coating
Patina Gel
Patina Gel
From $12.99
Sculpt Nouveau Great Paints
Prime-It (Rust)
ColorLoc Lacquer
Patina Stain
Patina Stain
From $28.39
PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol Release
Metal Oil
Metal Oil
From $29.95
Hot Patina Brush
Hot Patina Brush
From $28.83
Hydro Clear
Hydro Clear
From $44.95
Water Based Primer - Ceramic/Concrete/Plaster
Sculpt Nouveau Solvent ThinnerSculpt Nouveau Solvent Thinner
Sculpt Nouveau Solvent DyesSculpt Nouveau Solvent Dyes
Sculpt Nouveau Metal Wax Kit (2oz x 10)
Sculpt Nouveau Great Paint Thinner
Patina & Finish DVD_Iron/Steel/Alum