PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol Release

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PVA sealer / release can be applied to the mold or any porous surface that needs to be sealed by brush, spray, roller or sponge. It dries to the touch within an hour. PVA is suitable for use with polyester fiberglass, vinyl ester, gel coat, epoxy or urethane resins and foams. PVA may be used in conjunction with a top coating of paste wax. Sculpt Nouveau PVA Solution is removed with water once the mold making process is complete.

The best method is to spray on three thin coats, the first being a mist coat. Each coat must dry before a new layer is applied and there must be no pooling or drips on your mold surface.

PVA may be sprayed or hand applied using a sponge or brush. The best results will be obtained by spraying a fine mist at 40 to 60 PSI. First, apply a mist coat and then follow with a heavier coat. Do not apply a wet coat that melts the coats underneath and causes runs or drips. One should not flood the surface with PVA but just enough to achieve an even film. The test for adequate film dryness is dry-to-touch.

PVA must not be applied to any surface that contains moisture such as plaster or damp timber. DO NOT apply to surface coats or molds which are alcohol or water-soluble. Not recommended on porous surfaces. The surface of the mold must be free from foreign matter, especially silicone-based products. Clean the surface of the mold before application.

PVA may be removed from surfaces using water.

Do not use PVA which has become lumpy or stringy.

One 32oz quart will cover approximately 80 to 90 sq.ft.

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