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Tungsten Carbide Bur 1/8" ShaftTungsten Carbide Bur 1/8" Shaft
Typhoon Carbide Bur 1/8" ShaftTyphoon Carbide Bur 1/8" Shaft
Typhoon Carbide Bur 1/4" ShaftTyphoon Carbide Bur 1/4" Shaft
Foredom TXH440 Industrial Kit 1/3 HP
Foredom #5240 SR  Series Kit 1/6 HP
Double Motor Hanger with Mounting Clamp
Wax Electric Carver KitWax Electric Carver Kit
Motor Brush Pair (MP319P for TX, TXH Motor)
Maintenance Kit 5240-SR 1/6HP
Maintenance Kit 1/8HP  SR, S, SRH
Foredom Inner Shaft TXH, SRH , LXH (square tip)
Foredom Inner_Shaft SR/TX/LX 39in (key tip)
Foredom Drill Press P-DP30
Foredom C.EM1 Table Top Dial Control (SR Series)