Double Motor Hanger with Mounting Clamp

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Features a 3-piece hexagonal support rod, top safety hook rod for holding one or two motors and the MABC-1 for attaching to any bench top up to 2-1/4" thick. The rod height can be adjustedÊwith the locking screw built onto the clamp.ÊComes with a MAMR-2 Handpiece Rest that slides onto the hanger pole and secures your handpieces when not in use. AlsoÊhas two UA10658 Spring Safety Clips that slide over the motor bale andÊon toÊthe hanger rod to keep the motor(s) from jumping and twisting during start up and acceleration. Assembly of the hanger is simple with the supplied couplingsÊ and set screws. When properly assembled, it is as strong as any model we've previously offered. Foredom Motors and handpieces sold separately.

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