Cutting & Foam Carving

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Hobby Knife with aluminum handle
Mold Key Knife
OLFA HB5B HD Utility Knife Blades 5/pack
OLFA NH1 Utility Knife Extra Heavy Duty
Crafters 4" Hot Knife Kit
Hot Wire Crafters Sculpting Kit
Crafters Power Supply
Crafter's 3" Hot Knife
Crafter's 4" Hot Knife
Crafter's 2" Engraver Blade
Crafter's Foam Sculpting Tool
Crafters Mini Table Kit
Crafters Deluxe 4-in-1 Kit
Hobby Knife Blades (5 blades per pkg)
Multi-Heat Pro Power Station
Pro Hot Knife 6 inch
Hot Wire Freehand Router
Pro Hot Knife 8 inch
Pro 6" Hot Knife & Freehand Router Kit
Hot Wire Crafters Deluxe 3-in-1 Kit
Hot Wire Scroll Table
Industrial Hot Knife Kit
Industrial Hot Knife w/6in. blade
Scalpel Knife with Plastic Handle (SCP)
Sculpting Tool Wire Tensioner
Walnut Hollow Hot Knife
3-D Deluxe 24 inch Scroll Table
3D Pro 16in Table Kit with Multi-Heat Pro Power Station
Adjustable Sled Guide
Adjustable Sled Guides
Bow CutterBow Cutter
Bow Cutter
From $259.98
Bow Cutter Replacement WiresBow Cutter Replacement Wires
Cool Cut Continuous Hot Knife
COS-Tools Straight Cutter (XTC-6001)
COS-Tools Straight/Bevel Cutter (XTC-6010)
Compound Bow Multi-Power Supply