Hot Wire Crafters Sculpting Kit

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Hot Wire tool designed for freehand sculpting, carving, and scroll cutting in foam. Tool arms can be adjusted by moving closer together or fully spread to 8" opening. Includes: AC plug-in-the-wall power supply, Sculpting Tool, Instructional DVD with bonus featurette: Magic Mountains. Ships with 12 feet of tool cord!
Our most popular and versatile tool. One speed plug-in-the-wall power supply and Hot Wire Sculpting Tool. Comes with 12 feet of tool cord, and six hot-wires! Now comes with a handy slide switch right on the handle.

The DVD takes you through all the basics of using the Sculpting Tool, plus tips on foam gluing, and painting. The bonus featurette, Magic Mountains is a 30 minute step-by-step instruction on how to make a great looking spooky mountain diorama that can also be transformed into a snow village, or miniature game terrain. Making village terrain instruction sheet is included.

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