Crafter's 3" Hot Knife

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Gets hotter than our 4-inch Hot Knife. Better for cutting dense Art & Sign Foam and Armor Foam. A combo hand held scroll saw and power drill that cuts foam with fast clean surgical precision. The 3-inch blade is made from thin tough steel, with a unique round shape that slices cleanly in any direction like magic. Features a handy on-off switch right on the handle and six feet of tool cord. Cuts EPS, XPS, Blueboard, polyethylene, and polypropylene foams. Cuts Pelican Case foam, but beware as their polyurethane foam gives off toxic fumes when cut with heat.ÊAlways check with the manufacturer of the foam you need to cut to make sure there are no health or safety hazards when cutting their foam with hot wire tools. Cut in well ventilated area. Includes a 3-inch Short Hot Knife, single temperature plug-in-the-wall Crafters Power Supply, 30 minute Instructional DVD,Êprinted instructions and 2 free patternsÊ!ÊDoes not include case, foam or instruments in case.
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