Hot Wire Crafters Deluxe 3-in-1 Kit

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Crafters Deluxe Kit includes the Sculpting Tool (w/6 wires), 3" Hot Knife, Engraving Tool, Tensioner, Crafters Power Supply and 90 minute Hot Wire Foam Factory DVD, all in a handy carrying case.
The Sculpting Tool is our most popular and versatile foam tool for freehand sculpting, carving, and scroll cutting. Making realistic hills and mountains has never been easier. Cuts foam like a hot knife through butter.

The Hot Knife is a combo hand held scroll saw and power drill that cuts foam with fast clean surgical precision. The 3 inch blade is made from thin tough steel, with a unique round shape that slices quickly and cleanly in any direction like magic.

The Engraving Tool is perfect for engraving foam bricks, blocks, stones, words, and other shapes for detailed looking walls, abutments, portals, slats, cobblestone roads, signs and more. A fine finishing tool for detailing any type of 2-D or 3-D sculpture or model. Only the tip heats up!

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