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Kit with handpiece, control box, universal voltage transformer, and 7 brass tips. Ideal for carving modeling waxes and sprue building applications in the ceramic shell casting process.
Features a super slim and lightweight design that is comfortable to hold with cork insulation to keep fingertips cool while working. The detachable handpiece cord is also lightweight and extremely flexible, perfect for the controlled movements needed for fine detailing in wax.

Control Box
Universal Voltage Unit works on any voltage from 100V to 240V. The compact control box has a precision heat control dial for setting and maintaining temperatures from 95F (35C) up to 560F (294C). You can keep it low for delicate work or turn it up for fast wax removal or carving harder waxes. Its flashing indicator light shows heat intensity and reminds you to turn it off when not in use. Only 2-1/2in x 2in (64mm x 51mm). The cords are also all removable for easy storage.

Brass Tips
The WC-3 Kit includes all seven easy to clean and change brass tips. They are a great improvement over the tips used on other models. You can alter the tips with a file or pliers to create your own custom shapes.

Brass Tip Shapes
Knife (A-WT-3)
Small Spoon (A-WT-4)
Straight Taper (A-WT-2)
Curved Taper (A-WT-5)
Small Flat (A-WT-1)
Large Flat (A-WT-6)

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