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The Green Meenee Mixer attaches easily to a drill and works well to mix various Smooth-On products at up to a gallon (3.78 liters) at a time, depending on viscosity. The Green Meenee Mixer will thoroughly and quickly mix liquids faster than hand mixing - especially for fast liquid systems like Foam-iT! or FlexFoam-iT! expanding foams.

Note: After drill mixing, it is best practice to hand mix using a flat-edge paddle to scrape the bottom and side surfaces of your mixing container.

Cleaning: The blades and steel shaft of the mixer can be cleaned with alcohol, mineral spirits, or other fast-evaporating solvents.

WARNING: Do not leave the plastic blades standing in the solvent, as permanent damage can result.
Using the Green Meenee Mixer To Mix Liquid Materials

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