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Give your fantastic creations an added effect with this specially formulated Glow-In-The-Dark flexible clay. Accentuate jewelry, wings, fangs, horns, and so much more with light activated classic green luminescence.

COSCLAY Shimmer Pearl
Give your fantastic creations an added effect with this specially formulated white shimmering flexible clay! Accentuate jewelry, teeth, glistening snowflakes, and so much more with this light catching shimmer effect. Use it on it's own or mix into your current Cosclay blocks to add some lightness and eye catching glitter effects.

COSCLAY Tanslucent
Cosclay Translucent is clear enough for light to pass through in any thickness, but if rolled thin enough, you can also see that colors, words, and other artistic elements are visible underneath. It is also easily mixable with alcohol inks to create a range of translucent colors.
Translucent is also extremely flexible after baking and is easily workable right out of the box: not too soft, but not too firm.

As with all Cosclay grades, our Cosclay has high green strength, blends with ease, and will not sag in the oven.

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