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PROSTHETICS Magazine Issue No.14 2019
PROSTHETICS Magazine Issue No.13 2018
Prosthetic Make-Up for Beginners DVD
Practical Casting
Powertex Textile Modeling
Powertex & Stone Art DVD
Pop Sculpture
Powertex DVD No.3 : Painting
Powertex DVD No.2 : Stone Art
Powertex DVD No.1 : Introduction
Powertex & Powerprint DVD
Portrait in Clay
Patina & Finish DVD_Iron/Steel/Alum
Patinas for Silicon Bronze P.Kipper 3rd edition
Passion for Metal: Reflections and Techniques of a Metal Sculptor
Movie FX DVD Master Class Vol No.5
Movie FX DVD Master Class Vol No.3
Movie FX DVD Halloween MakeUp Made Easy
Movie FX DVD Master Class Vol No.6
Movie FX DVD Master Class Vol No.2
Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure
"Mold Making, Casting & Patina" Book
Modeling the Head in Clay
Modeling the Figure in Clay
Methods for Modern Sculptors
Metal Working : Back to Shop Class
Materials and Methods of Sculpture
Lathe: The Missing Shop Manual
Introduction to Soapstone Sculpting
Introduction to Mold Making & Casting DVD
Hot Wire Foam Factory DVD
Hurt 'em Reel Good
Hot Patina DVD_Brnz/Brs/Copper
Guide to the Art of Metal Leafing Book
"Glue & Clamps" The Missing Shop Manual
Fundamentals of Sharpening Book