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A practical, visualÊhandbook for welding in farm, home, blacksmith, auto, or schoolÊworkshops.ÊItsÊ10 sectionsÊdescribe all the major types ofÊweldsÊbeforeÊprogressingÊinto trickierÊmethods. With this comprehensive guide, you'll understand everything you need to know, fromÊarc, TIG, MIG,ÊandÊgas welding to plasma cutting, soldering, welding plastics, and more.ÊFilled with helpful visuals and photography,ÊdetailedÊexplanations,Êexpert suggestions,Êand step-by-step directions, thisÊgo-toÊguide to weldingÊalsoÊcovers common pitfallsÊandÊmistakes, andÊhow to avoid or correct them.ÊAuthor: Andrew Pearce, 8.5" x 11", 160pgs, Paperback.

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