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Some easy lessons to get you started in makeup effects for the Halloween enthusiast. Includes: "I've Been Shot", "Gunshot Wound Part II", "Cuts & Bruises", "Zombie Make-Up", "Toxic Waste Face", and "Vampire Make-Up Lesson".

I've Been Shot!The guys at Motion Picture F/X show you how to sculpt, mold, cast an entry and exit wound appliance in gelatin
Gunshot Wound Part IIThis second half of the lesson shows you how to apply the two prosthetics
Cuts & Bruises Whether it's for Halloween, or freaking out the neighbors, here's some pain free ways to add wear and tear to you.
Zombie MakeupMakeup Artist, Greg McDougal shows you how to make a realistic zombie using just greasepaint makeup...NO prosthetics!
Toxic Waste Face Use gelatin to make a truly horrific (not tasty) makeup!
Vampire Makeup LessonWe're tired of people showing up at Halloween parties with poorly applied vampire makeup. So the good folks at Makeup Designory decided to show you how it's done...THE RIGHT WAY!

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