Movie FX DVD Master Class Vol No.5

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Movie F/X DVD Master Class Volume No.5 features over 4 hours of Special Effects lessons and demonstrations including tubing effects, slipcast appliances and drowning make-up.

Tubing EffectsSometimes, you need that wound to more then sit there looking pretty. This lesson shows you how to add smoke and squirting blood.
Drowning MakeupHere's a lesson on how to apply gelatin appliance to give your actor that waterlogged look as shown on all those forensic crime TV shows.
Slipcast Appliances Part 1This is an older technique, but one that all good makeup artists should know. Here we show you how to sculpt mold and cast some creepy slipcast appliances.
Slipcast Appliances Part 2In the second half, we show you how to apply and paint them... Giving your actor a sort of swollen "Leprosy" look.

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