Solaris Encapsulation Silicone

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Unit Size Net Weight
Pint Kit 2.1 lb
Gallon Kit 16 lb
Five Gallon Kit 80 lb



Solaris¨ is a low viscosity, clear and colorless liquid platinum cure silicone rubber compound designed for use in protection of electronic components and other assemblies. It will protect components against shock, vibration, moisture, ozone, dust, chemicals and other environmental hazards by potting or encapsulation of the components and assemblies. The optical clarity of Solaris¨ makes it suitable for potting solar cells for maximum light transmission or electronic assemblies where component identification is necessary or desirable. For best results, use with Solaris¨ Bonding Primer¨
Technical Properties
Mix Ratio by Weight 1A:1B
Mix Ratio by Volume 1A:1B
Pot Life 240 minutes
Cure Time 24 hours
Color Clear
Shore Hardness 15A
Mixed Viscosity 1,200 cps
Shrinkage < .001 in./in.
Specific Volume 28.1 cu. in./lb.
Specific Gravity 0.99g/cc
Useful Temperature (max)< 400¼F
Useful Temperature (min)< -149¼F
Tensile Strength 180 psi
100% Modulus 25 psi
Elongation @ Break 290%


  • Ultra-transparent Solaris¨ provides excellent UV resistance yet allows maximum transmission of light.
  • Solaris¨ features a low viscosity which allows easy flow in and around complex shapes, providing excellent electrical insulation and shock resistance
  • Solaris¨ will cure in deep sections or enclosed assemblies without exotherm.
  • Solaris¨ encapsulant contains no solvents and has a zero volatile content.
  • The hydrolytic stability of Solaris¨ makes it suitable in high humidity environments and at elevated temperatures.
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799719 - Solaris Encapsulation Silicone - Gallon Kit
799720 - Solaris Encapsulation Silicone - Five Gallon Kit
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