Flex Foam-iT 15 Lb

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FlexFoam-iT 15 Tuff Stuff is a 15Lb density flexible urethane foam that is strong and extraordinarily tough (yield is 15 Lbs. per cubic foot / 240 kg. per cubic meter). This foam has a working time of 2 minutes, which is relatively long compared to other FlexFoam-iT foams. Because of the longer pot life, the cure time is also longer at 90 minutes. In addition to high strength, FlexFoam-iT 15 Tuff Stuff also offers an exceptional surface finish with minimal back pressure. White in color, can also be pigmented using UVO and SO-Strong tints. Some applications include repairing damaged commercial seats, cosplay armor and archery targets. It is stronger than any foam used to make original targets, withstands the repeated high impact of arrows shot with a crossbow and "self-heals" with minimal sign of trauma after an arrow is removed.
Technical Properties
Mix Ratio by Weight 100A:185B
Mix Ratio by Volume 1A:2B
Pot Life 2 minutes
Tack Free Time 90 minutes
Cure Time 4 hours
Color White
Mixed Viscosity 1,000 cps
Specific Volume 115 cu. in./lb.
Specific Gravity 0.24g/cc
Expansion (Approx.) 4 times
Foam Density 15 lb./cu. ft.


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802070 - Flex Foam-iT 15 Lb - Five Gallon Kit
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