Nerpa Polymers Liquid Colorants

SKU: 803581

Size: 30 ml
Color: Black
Sale price$9.90


Nerpa Polymers Liquid Colourants are designed and formulated for use with epoxy resins. Liquid colourants are opaque and made sustainably with a bio-based, fully compatibleÊliquid resin carrier. TotalÊrenewable carbon content exceeds 90%.ÊFully compatible with epoxy resins, non-toxic, bio-based. High pigment load for rich colour results. Blending of multiple colors is possible to create new collor variations. Available in 12 vibrant colors with high pigment loads.

  • Viscosity range : 400-900 cps
  • Recommended Load : 0-50 mL colorant / 1Liter mixed epoxy
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