Metal Finishing

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Jax Copper Plating Solution
Sculpt Nouveau Great Paints
Permalac Lacquer EFPermalac Lacquer EF
Permalac Lacquer EF
From $78.95
Jax Tarnish PreventerJax Tarnish Preventer
Jax Silver Plating Solution
Jax Flemish Gray-BlackJax Flemish Gray-Black
Hot Patina Brush
Hot Patina Brush
From $28.83
Permalac SR Scratch Resistant Topcoat
Jax Silver Cleaner and Polish
Jax Instant Silver Cleaner
Jax Brass Copper Gold and Marble Cleaner
Jax Brass Copper and Gold Cleaner
Jax Antique RustJax Antique Rust
Jax Antique Rust
From $12.69
Permalac NT Blackener
Permalac 2K Coating
Permalac 2K Coating
From $75.99
Peacock Flattening Wax Quart
Jax Rust Remover
Jax Rust Preventer
Jax Green PatinaJax Green Patina
Jax Green Patina
From $12.69
JAX Dichroic FX Black
Sculpt Nouveau Solvent ThinnerSculpt Nouveau Solvent Thinner
Sculpt Nouveau Solvent DyesSculpt Nouveau Solvent Dyes
Sculpt Nouveau Metal Wax Kit (2oz x 10)
Sculpt Nouveau Great Paint Thinner
Metal Rubs
Metal Rubs
From $33.30
Graffiti Remover
Graffiti Remover
From $12.95
Flattening Paste
Flattening Paste
From $23.95
Dye Thinner Solvent BaseDye Thinner Solvent Base
Contemporary Patination 2nd Edition
Anti-Graffiti Coating
Age-It Patina
Age-It Patina
From $29.39