Peacock Flattening Wax Quart

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Peacock Flattening Wax is a pre-dispersed flattening paste that is compatible with all Permalac products. Add 2 to 10 ounces of Peacock Flattening Wax to 1 gallon of Permalac to achieve your desired level of flattening. Flattening Wax Mix Ratio = 1 part of wax to 15 parts of Permalac lacquer

Peacock Flattening Wax can settle somewhat during shipping and storage. Be sure to stir well before using. Determine how much Permalac you are going to need for your project. A gallon of Permalac will cover roughly 400 square feet with a single coat. For most substrates three coats are recommended. Add the desired amount of Peacock Flattening Wax to the Permalac and stir well. Once mixed, use the Permalac as specified in technical bulletin.

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