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Worbla's Deco Art is the Worbla branded option for moldable thermo plastic pellets. Heat these pellets to 65C (150F) with a heat gun, oven, or hot water to create a plastic putty with a low thermal transfer that you can shape by hand, push into molds, and sculpt with tools! It's an excellent option for sculpting things like skulls, filling in gaps in Worbla armor, making multiple copies of something without resin casting, building up dimension quickly and adding counterweight to things like pommels on swords. Non toxic and lead free, Deco Art comes in white pellets that when heated turn clear. You can treat these clear pellets like a plastic putty and sculpting material, either shaping it by hand or with tools, or applying it directly to the surface you wish to build up. Once cool or 'set' the plastic turns opaque white. Deco Art stays fluid while warm, so it is important to either cool a piece quickly in cool water, or to keep it in a mold until the plastic is opaque again. Otherwise gravity will 'pull' your sculpture out of shape!

Required Materials
  • Deco Art
  • Parchment paper or a silicone cooking mat
  • Container to heat your Deco Art in water
  • Heat source
  • Molds (optional)
  • Sculpting tools (optional)
  • Heat resistant gloves, with nitrile or latex gloves overtop (Optional)

In a pot of hot water Do not use a pot you will use for food again. Heat water Ð it does not need to boil Ð and using a metal strainer add Deco Art pellets until they turn clear.

In the microwave In a silicone cupcake mold, add pellets with enough water to cover them. Microwave in short bursts of 10-20 seconds to start, and 10 seconds each time after, until pellets are clear and malleable. Drain water.

With a heat gun In a silicone cupcake mold or ceramic bowl that will not be used again, add pellets. Holding the heat gun 10-12 inches away, use a medium or low setting to begin to heat the pellets. Remove when completely clear and malleable.

Note: Pellets activate at 65C (150F). Do not overheat. If pellets turn brown, remove heat source immediately. Do not leave in microwave unattended. It is best to work with smaller batches than one large amount.
  • Once heated, transfer your Deco Art to a silicone mat or parchment paper surface. Knead lightly. Then work the Deco Art into molds, shape by hand, or sculpt with tools.
  • Deco Art is STICKY. If working with gloves, cover work gloves with nitrile or latex gloves and keep those gloves and all tools WET while working to prevent sticking. Deco Art can be handled with bare hands, but do work with caution.
  • If Deco Art sticks to a surface, allow it to cool completely before attempting to remove. Do not work on bare laminated surfaces, fabric, varnished wood or areas susceptible to damage.
  • Deco Art stays malleable and 'fluid' while warm. Cool finished shapes in cold water until fully opaque, or leave in mold. Otherwise gravity will pull your Deco Art out of shape.
  • Deco Art cools to an opaque, hard white plastic.
  • Deco Art pieces can be reheated endlessly, painted, glued, and scraps can be reused.

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