Urefil 19 Aluminum Powder (1200 microns)

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Size: 4 lb
Type: 19 Aluminum Pellets (1200 micron)
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UREFIL 19 pure aluminum pellet filler can be used with Smooth-On liquid epoxy and urethane resins to improve thermal conductivity, dimensional stability, reduce shrinkage in large mass castings, etc. Can also be used to add evenly distributed weight to metal cold-castings and to create artistic casting effects.
UREFIL 19 is a large grain aluminum pellet (1200 micron). Can be combined with UREFIL 17 a smaller grain sized aluminum pellet (400 micron) for more uniform filling. Smaller grain pellets will settle into areas of detail better, reducing voids between particles.

How To Make Resin Jewelry Using URE-FIL 19
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802489 - Urefil 19 Aluminum Powder (1200 microns) - 25 lb

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