Urefil 17 Aluminum Powder (400 microns)

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Size: 4 lb
Type: 17 Aluminum Pellets (400 micron)
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UREFIL 17 pure aluminum pellet filler can be used with Smooth-On liquid epoxy and urethane resins to improve thermal conductivity, dimensional stability, reduce shrinkage in large mass castings, etc. Can also be used to add evenly distributed weight to metal cold-castings and to create artistic casting effects.
UREFIL 17 is a small grain aluminum pellet (400 micron). Smaller grain pellets will settle into areas of detail better, reducing voids between particles. Can be combined with UREFIL 19 a larger grain sized aluminum pellet (1200 micron) for more uniform filling.

How To Add Weight To Cold Cast Metal Castings Using URE-FIL 17
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802486 - Urefil 17 Aluminum Powder (400 microns) - 25 lb

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