UreCoat Matting Powder

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UreCoat Matting Powder is dissolved in solvent (99% isopropyl alcohol or acetone) and then mixed with UreCoat Urethane to create a coating that can be applied to a variety of surfaces to eliminate gloss or shine. Coating can be brushed or sprayed using an HVLP spray gun onto some surfaces to create a lasting matte finish. Compatible surfaces include Smooth-On flexible urethane elastomers, urethane foams and epoxies. Use this system to create matte surface finishes on artificial vines, tree branches or bark, rocks, etc. for themed environment effects. It is also suitable for creating a matte finish on movie and cosplay props, costume elements, animatronic skins, taxidermy, latex mask repair and more. In addition to providing a matte finish, the cured UreCoat coating is highly water, impact, ultra-violet and abrasion resistant.

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