Ultimate Vine Making Kit

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The Ultimate Vine Making Kit lets you experience making your own hyper-realistic vine that is durable, UV resistant and long-lasting for indoor or outdoor displays and exhibits. There is enough material in this kit for you to make a 5 ft. (1.53 m) vine using 1in. (2.54 cm) diameter rope (not included).

What is Simpact 80A?Simpact 80A is a tough, flexible urethane that offers exceptional performance characteristics. Simpact 80A will hold a vertical surface when thickened with Smooth On's URE-FIL 13 Poly Fiber, making it an excellent choice for making "animal-tough" flexible artificial vines and tree branches in themed environment and animal enrichment applications.
The Ultimate Vine Making Kit includes:
- Simpact 80A Urethane Rubber
- URE-FIL 13 Poly Fiber Filler
- UVO Pigments - (Brown, Green & White)
- PlaySand

- Rebound Silicone Texture Stamp
- Wooden Sculpting Tool

How To Create Realistic Artificial Vines Using The Ultimate Vine Kit


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