Smooth-On Derma-tac Adhesive

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Derma-tac is a pressure sensitive adhesive designed for temporarily adhering silicone and latex makeup prosthetic appliances to the skin. Derma-tac is skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory per OECD Test Guideline 439. This test was developed to determine skin sensitivity of materials. This is a low odor formulation which is cosmetic grade and non-irritating.
Note: If adhering appliances created without a cap plastic membrane and made using Ecoflex silicone, using Skin Tite skin safe silicone adhesive will produce a better bond.

PREPARATIONImportant: Shake Derma-tacª container well before using. Clean the skin with soap and water to remove any oils which may affect the bond of the Derma-tac adhesive. Allow skin to dry completely.
APPLICATION & REMOVALAccelerating / Lowering Viscosity Ð Drying time can be reduced with NOVOCS Gloss Silicone Solvent. Adding 10% NOVOCS gloss by weight will lower viscosity and reduce dry time by about .
Application - Derma-tac adhesive can be applied using a cotton swab, non-latex makeup sponge or suitable makeup brush. Apply adhesive to the surface of the skin or appliance. When applying on areas of high stretch or movement, such as around the mouth, adhesive can be applied to both the skin and the appliance.
Important: Allow Derma-tac to evaporate completely. This adhesive will not work unless it has thoroughly dried. Once Derma-tac has dried, press the makeup appliance in place. Derma-tac is a pressure sensitive adhesive, the firmer you press, the better the adhesive bond.
Appliance Removal Using Derma-tac Remover Apply Derma-tac Remover using a cotton swab, cotton ball or suitable makeup brush. Work the Derma-tac remover under the edges of the appliance and onto the skin. Work the appliance away from the skin slowly, taking particular care around the eyes, nose and mouth. Once the Derma-tac has been removed, the skin should be cleaned and moisturized using a cosmetic cleanser and moisturizer.


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