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Silc Pig Silicone Pigments are used for coloring tin-cure silicone rubber compounds such as Mold Max translucent 'T' Series products and platinum-cure silicones such as Dragon Skin and Ecoflex rubbers. Silc Pig also works well with Smooth-On's skin effects systems such as Psycho Paint and Skin Tite. Custom colors are possible by blending different Silc Pig colors. Attaining just the right color for your application may require trial and error testing. Small scale testing is recommended before using substantial amounts of material for any project. Silc Pig pigments are very concentrated, so a little goes a long way when coloring Smooth-On silicone products. Recommended loading range is .001% to 3% of total silicone system weight. Contains (9 x .18oz) samplers.

Sampler Pack of 9 Colors contains the following :
  • Green PMS 3292C
  • Blue PMS 2757C
  • Yellow PMS 107C
  • Red PMS 186C
  • Black PMS
  • White PMS
  • Blood PMS 7421C
  • Flesh PMS 488C
  • Brown PMS 4625C

  • Pre-mix Silc Pig pigment in container before dispensing as settling may have occurred.
  • Add Silc Pig colorant to the Part A side of the silicone rubber system and mix well before adding Part B.
  • Do not overload silicone rubber with Silc Pig or cure inhibition may occur.

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