Shell Shock SLOW Resin

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Quart Kit 3.6 lb
Gallon Kit 12 lb
Five Gallon Kit 60 lb



Shell Shock FAST and Shell Shock SLOW are thixotropic plastics that self thicken when mixed and can be brushed onto a variety of surfaces or into rubber molds. When Parts A and B are mixed in proper proportion (1A:4B by volume or 1A:5B by weight), material cures at room temperature with virtually no shrinkage to a hard, durable plastic that exhibits good compressive and flexural strength. Fully cured castings are rigid and can be sanded, primed and painted. Color effects are possible by adding SO-Strong Color Tints.
Shell Shock plastics are ideal for making fast, lightweight rigid molds for creating silicone appliances and effects (use as a replacement for 'stone molds'). You can also brush a "gel coat" into a rubber mold and back it up with rigid foam, creating a highly detailed lightweight casting. These products can also be brushed onto styrofoam (polystyrol) as an impact resistant coating that can be sanded, primed and painted (minimum 3 coats recommended). Shell Shock plastics can also be used to make rigid support shells for brush on rubber molds.
Technical Properties
Mix Ratio by Weight 1A:5B
Mix Ratio by Volume 1A:4B
Pot Life 8 minutes
Cure Time 5 hours
Color Beige
Shore Hardness 85D
Mixed Viscosity 3,000 cps
Shrinkage 0.0006 in./in.
Specific Volume 17.3 cu. in./lb.
Specific Gravity 1.60g/cc
Tensile Strength 3,100 psi
Elongation @ Break 0.4%
Compressive Modulus 500,000 psi
Tensile Modulus 435,000 psi
Flexural Strength 7,150 psi
Flexural Modulus 980,000 psi
Compressive Strength 9,000 psi
Heat Deflection Temp 135¼F



Shell Shock FAST working time is 3 minutes.
Shell Shock SLOW working time is 8 minutes.

Shell Shock FAST - full cure 1 hour at 3/8" thickness
Shell Shock SLOW - full cure 5 hours at 3/8" thickness
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799497 - Shell Shock SLOW Resin - Five Gallon Kit
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