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Size: 350 grams
Hardness: Soft
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350 grams 0.80 lb
350 grams 0.80 lb



SculptaClay is a revolutionary new sculpture medium that redefines the art of molding and shaping. Crafted to inspire both seasoned artists and budding sculptors alike, SculptaClay boasts a unique blend of softness, pliability, and a slight tackiness, making it incredibly easy to work with. Whether you are crafting intricate details or sculpting bold forms, SculptaClay offers exceptional versatility and control, allowing your creativity to flourish without limitations. Its slightly tacky texture ensures that your creations stay securely in place during the sculpting process yet remains effortlessly moldable for seamless adjustments. With SculptaClay the possibilities are endless, from lifelike figurines to abstract masterpieces, unleash your imagination and bring your visions to life with this innovative sculpture medium.

Available in Terracotta RED SOFT and Brown MEDIUM FIRM.
Packaging ; 10 pre-cut pieces per pack
Size per Piece : 12in x 3/4in x 1/4in (305mm x 19mm x 6.35mm)

  • Excellent for hand forming or modelling
  • Readily adheres to itself and other waxes
  • Carves similar to a soft clay
  • Designed with casting in mind, offering an ultra-low content

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