SculptaCast Syntha Beeswax #403D Chunks

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Syntha Beeswax 403D is a high grade synthetic version of natural beeswax. It is an excellent economical substitution for the more expensive pure beeswax used in the sculpting and modeling industry. Syntha Beeswax was specifically formulated with choice refined petroleum and natural based raw materials to impart the unique characteristics and chemistry found in Mother Nature's natural beeswax. Thus, it can be used for direct modeling or readily blended with other sculpture waxes in our product line to obtain specific desired properties if needed. This wax flows smoothly for even sculpting and has been designed to never be sticky and provide the clean drier feel of pure beeswax. Yields extremely consistent results and is naturally clean burning with very low ash residue.

  • Softening Point : 149F
  • Drop Melt Point : 154F
  • Acid Number/Value (calculated) : 18.75
  • Ash Content : 0-.015%
  • Color : Natural/Amber
  • Physical Form : Chunks

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