SculptaCast Limerick Green #419 Wax Pellets

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SculptaCast Limerick 419 is a high grade sculpture wax ideal for painting and slush casting. Because of its low viscosity and setting rate, it can be used for painting exceptionally fine detail as well wide open surfaces without the associated defects of bulging or lifting. Furthermore, this product still provides enough body to be used as a backup wax, making it a ONE WAX solution. SculptaCast Limerick offers moderate toughness with good durability and thus allows for workability with basic sculpting tools. In addition, has a vastly improved set rate with a more rigid buildup than other traditional grades. SculptaCast Limerick is designed with an exacting level of softness, which allows for the least amount of contraction and shrinkage. These unique properties essentially eliminate wax separation from mold walls and provide superior workability. The product is based from high grade petroleum and natural raw materials providing consistent results and is naturally clean burning with very low ash residue.

  • Improved properties reduce lifting and bulging
  • Fast set rate
  • Rigid build-up
  • Non tacky material
  • Softening Point : 154.5F (+/- 6F)
  • Drop Melt Point : 170F (+/- 6F)
  • Viscosity @ 200F : 14 cps (+/- 5cps)
  • Color : Green
  • Physical Form : Pellets

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