SculptaCast Dragon Red #409K Wax Pellets

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SculptaCast Dragon Red 409K is a moderate viscosity red sculpture wax ideal for painting fine detail and slush casting backup. SculptaCast Dragon Red offers low ductility and high polishing capability. This product is easily adaptable and readily blends with other sculpture waxes in our product line to obtain specific desired properties or creating your own custom blend. The product is based from select high quality petroleum raw materials providing consistent results and is naturally clean burning with very low ash residue.

  • General purpose wax
  • Can be adjusted with either SculptaCast Victory Brown or Hardener waxes
  • Softening Point : 151F
  • Drop Melt Point : 161F
  • Viscosity @ 200F : 40 cps (+/- 15 cps)
  • Color : Red
  • Physical Form : Pellets

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