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Bake & Bond is a bakeable adhesive for use with all polymer clays. Used with Sculpey Clays, it can adhere raw clay to raw clay, raw clay to baked clay, and baked clay to baked clay. It can also be used to adhere clay to porous materials such as wood. Eliminates the need to apply excessive pressure to join clay pieces and prevents distorting fine details.
Note: Bake & Bond will not cure until it is baked.

Join your pieces and adhere items by applying Sculpey Bake & Bond on the areas you need to bind together. This can mean joining joints or body parts in figurines, attaching sculptures to bases, clay additions to household objects and charms to key chains or magnets. You can apply the glue to raw clay pieces and bake them together to secure the bond, or you can add it to already baked items to make sure they stick for the final outcome. Sculpey Bake & Bond even works when attaching raw clay to baked clay, itÕs that versatile and effective. And thereÕs no need to apply too much pressure to the pieces to make sure they stay, potentially warping unbaked shapes or details. This glue is strong and will attach easily with just a little push. You can even use it to adhere clay to multimedia projects and porous surfaces.

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