Renia Ortec Multi Purpose Adhesive Litre

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Bonds EVA Foams, leather, polyurethane rubber, foams, textiles and metal. Not for use with PVC (Vinyl). Dries clear and stays flexible, perspiration and water resistant. Free from typical allergens. Free of Toulene and MEK. Size: One Litre (850 grams)
APPLICATION:Grind all materials and coat them with Renia Ortec until you can see a layer of adhesive. Sometimes porous and leather materials may have to be coated twice. Bonds EVA, leather, rubber, felt, cork, etc.
Do not use acetone as a thinner. Brushes may be cleaned with acetone.

OPEN ASSEMBLY TIME:5 to 60 minutes. Ortec can be dried with an infrared lamp: IR-Lamp 80C for 3 minutes or a heat gun. Because of its slower crystallisation and high initial strength, it is possible to handle the bonded pieces after one hour. The glue's strength increases continuously during the first two days.

SHELF LIFE: Maximum 12 months at 20C.Flammable

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