Reactive Polyurethane Sealer Kit

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Buddy Rhodes Reactive Polyurethane Sealer (RPS) is a hybrid sealer combining the benefits of both reactive sealing technology and a water borne urethane sealer. Kit consists of three parts (24oz Part"A", 8oz Part "B", 60oz Part"C").
Scratch & Abrasion Resistance
When properly applied and cured, RPS has great scratch resistance and excellent adhesion. The chemistry makes for a surprisingly tough surface. You can cut it with a knife, but it will stand up well to ordinary use. Urethane is one of the most abrasion resistant chemistries available, and the reactive component helps toughen the surface even more.

Ease of Use
RPS sealer is easy to use requiring only a roller to apply.

Shop Environment
Urethanes cure faster in warm, humid conditions. Like similar concrete countertop sealers, RPS can remain "gummy" for 24 to 48 hours following application of the final finish coat. The application instructions contain further information about ideal shop conditions. If gumminess occurs simply give the finish more time to cure fully.

Color Enhancement
The sealer can be applied to provide color enhancement (darkening of the color such as when you wet concrete with water), or not to enhance the color of the concrete (a paler, dry appearance). Color enhancement (or not) is determined by how you mix the ingredients together. Each sealer kit gives you the option of doing either with the same ingredients. There's nothing extra or separate to buy. Note: some colors of concrete will show more enhancement than others. Typically darker concrete will show more enhancement than lighter concrete.

RPS is also available in 2 sheens: Matte and Satin. Matte versus Satin refers to how flat or shiny the sheen is. Sheen is not related to color enhancement and vice versa.

Each kit covers between 100 to 200 square feet. Coverage varies depending on the porosity of your concrete, how many edges you are sealing, and how many coats you need to apply to achieve the desired stain and moisture resistance for your project.

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