PROSTHETICS Magazine Issue No.21 2021

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Issue No.21 feature articles include: Coming 2 America - The long-awaited return of Zamundan royalty to NYC! Mike Marino and the Prosthetic Renaissance team create incredible character makeups for Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, Raised by Wolves - Jaco SnymanÕs innovative hybrid work for Ridley ScottÕs hit sci-fi series, The Stand - Lindala Schminken FX creates a diverse mix of prosthetics for the post-apocalyptic mini-series, Nick Dudman - One of the best-known names in the business looks back at an illustrious, four-decade career, Horror Legend Likenesses - Joel HarlowÕs remarkable re-creations of Vincent Price, Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff, Creature from the Black Lagoon - Joe Nazzaro investigates the many fruitless attempts to reboot the iconic ÔGill ManÕ.

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