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Powerprint Transfer Medium transfers images printed with a laser printer or photocopier to canvas, paper, fabric, ceramic, metal etc. including other Powertex treated surfaces. Ideal for creating custom fabrics or special clay and art effects Powerprint is a mixed media artist's dream.

Note: Ð It is possible to use Powerprint with images printed from an inkjet printer, however the image must be allowed to dry after printing and before applying Powerprint. Images printed with inkjet printers tend to have muted tones and soft definition.

Ideally the surface should be a light color and completely dry. Reverse your image when printing. Powerprint works great for layering in a collage or placing a portion of an image over a background where the applied image becomes a part of the background. If you are looking for a perfect transfer of a photo quality image, this may not produce satisfactory results for your application. The process of removing the backing paper may create some minor damage to the ink portion that has been applied to the background, especially if your background is not smooth and full adherence is not achieved.
How to use Powerprint

1) Brush a coat of Powerprint on the surface selected to receive the image.
2) Next, brush a coat of Powerprint onto the image side of the laser copied print.
3) Brush one layer horizontally and the second layer vertically to achieve uniform consistency when applying Powerprint.
4) Place the wet print face down on the receiving surface that has been already coated.
5) Smooth the print with a roller or the flat side of a brush. Always make sure you are working on a hard surface. If applying to a canvas, place a book or other hard, flat object underneath the canvas to provide the necessary firm working background.
6) Let the applied image dry or heat with a hair dryer for approximately 10 minutes per side.
7) Once dry, use a damp sponge, moistened with a small amount of water to wet the image.
8) Then, using your finger, gently rub the image to roll up the background paper from beneath the picture. Remove as much paper as you can without damaging the color layer.
9) Once dry, you may see paper appear that had been missed during the initial rubbing step. Simply repeat the wet sponge and finger process to remove any remaining paper.

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