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Gallon Kit 24 lb
Five Gallon Kit 120 lb



PMC770 Polyurethane rubber is a Shore A70 addition to our line of industrial liquid rubber products (PMC780 and PMC790) used for a variety industrial and casting applications. Mixed two parts A to one part B by weight, PMC770 pours easily and cures at room temperature to a solid Shore 70A rubber that has exceptional performance characteristics and dimensional stability. It is suitable for production casting of abrasive materials such as concrete (pre-cast concrete, making concrete stamping pads, etc.) and gypsum plasters with high exotherms. It is also suitable for rubber mechanical parts of varying configurations (gaskets, wheels, pullies) as well as ball mill liners and vibration/shock pads.
Technical Properties
Mix Ratio by Weight 2A:1B
Pot Life 30 minutes
Cure Time 16 hours
Color Light Amber
Shore Hardness 70A
Mixed Viscosity 3,000 cps
Shrinkage < .001 in./in.
Specific Volume 26.5 cu. in./lb.
Specific Gravity 1.04g/cc
Tensile Strength 750 psi
100% Modulus 250 psi
Elongation @ Break 750%
Die C Tear Strength 200 pli


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700760 - PMC 770 - Gallon Kit
700770 - PMC 770 - Five Gallon Kit
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