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The Novus Plastic Buffing Kit fits standard drills and is specially designed to polish plastics and acrylics fast using Novus Plastic Polish. The kit contains: 1 Wool Applicator Pad, 1 Wool Buffing Pad, 1 Backplate & Spindle Adaptor, 1 Microfiber Cloth and instruction sheet.
NOVUS Plastic Polish can breathe life into and rejuvenate thousands of everyday products.
  • CDs, DVDs, video games
  • Motorcycle windshields, visors, fairings and helmets
  • Snowmobile windshields, helmets and hoods
  • Collapsible windows on convertibles, Jeeps and campers
  • Boat windows and fiberglass
  • Microwave oven doors, decorator acrylic refrigerator panels
  • Airplane windows
  • Acrylic on tanning beds
  • Video games and pinball machines
  • Acrylic hot tubs and spas
  • Acrylic aquariums
  • Acrylic, fiberglass or cultured marble tubs, sinks, and countertops
  • Acrylic trophies and awards
  • Plastic storm windows and skylights
  • Auto interiors, gauges, chrome, acrylic paints and plastic headlamps
  • Emergency vehicle light bar lens covers
  • Copiers and fax machines
  • Acrylic furniture
  • And many more ....

1) Securely attach the red back plate and spindle assembly to the drill. Attach the white Applicator Pad to the red Micro Hook back plate.
2) Clean surface using NOVUS #1 Plastic Clean & Shine using a clean soft cloth.
3) For heavier scratches use NOVUS #3 Heavy Scratch Remover. Shake well and test in an inconspicuous area. Apply NOVUS #3 liberally to the surface being restored. Rub the white applicator pad in the polish before starting the machine. This technique keeps the polish on the surface resulting in a better finish and cleaner work area. Polish at right angles to the damage.
4) Continue polishing until only fine scratches remain. Using a clean soft cloth, remove all remaining Polish. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
5) To prevent contamination, use yellow buffing pad to apply NOVUS #2 Polish. Apply NOVUS #2 liberally to the surface and polish in a circular motion uniformly to the entire surface. Polish using light pressure until NOVUS #2 dries to a light haze. Using a clean soft cloth, buff the entire surface clean.
6) For best results follow with NOVUS #1 and buff with a clean soft cloth.
7) Clean buffing pads with hot water after use. Allow to dry.

¥ Operate the buffer at a low speed to avoid overheating the plastic, approximately 1,000 RPM. Each polish should be applied with a separate clean bonnet.¥ Before attempting to clean or remove scratches, always make sure the plastic is cool to the touch and not in direct sunlight. Use a liberal amount of NOVUS #1 to safely remove surface dust and dirt. Additionally test scratch removers in a small inconspicuous area for compatibility.¥ Some plastics are coated with a thin film which may be damaged by the abrasive polish.NOTE: NOVUS #2 & #3 Polishes are not recommended for use on coated plastics or eyeglass lenses.

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