Mitreapel Adhesive Combo

SKU: 802303

Size: 100 ml/25 g


Mitreapel is a two component strong and fast curing glue. Mitreapel features a Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Activator which provides the ability to achieve the strongest bond in as little as 12 seconds. Simply spray activator to one side of surface to be adhered, then apply adhesive to the other side, align and hold for approximately 12 seconds. Mitreapel can be applied to wood, ceramics, plastics, fabric, wool, paper, stones, MDF, vinyl, most metals, leather, glass, carbon fiber, fiberglass, EPS, XPS, laminate, chipboard and more. Most common uses include: crafts, metal working, construction, automotive, handyman projects, kitchen renovation, carpentry, etc.

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