Lemon Green Soapstone

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Lemon Green Soapstone's uniform and cool green color as well as its purity allow the sculptor to carve this soft stone freely. Certified asbestos-free. Shapes, sizes, and color may vary. Photo displayed represents an average representation of this stone. Weight for most stones will be in the range of up to 10 Lbs. Sold by the pound.
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Stones will not be cut to specific shapes and/or sizes. Weight for most stones will be in the range of up to 10 Lbs.
To order these stones please contact our staff to assist you.
Formula to calculate approximate weight of your stone :(Length x Width x Height) / 1728 = Cubic Footage of StoneCubic Footage x 175 = Stone Weight in LbsCarving stones are products of nature. Any irregularities found within these stones are beyond our control. Although these stones are carefully selected, we reserve the right to decline any responsibility for such imperfections. Any exchanges will be made strictly upon the discretion of Sculpture Supply Canada.

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