Latex Thickening Agent

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Mold-Craft Thick-So Latex Thickener is used as a thickening agent with Mold Craft FMF Latex Rubber.Packaged in 32.8oz (Litre) jar.
Thick-So is a product similar in color and consistency to molasses.Approximately 6 ounces of Thickso are added and mixed into a 20 Ltr pail of Mold Craft Latex Rubber FMF Flexible Mold Facing.
Do not make too thick as Mold-Craft can lose some of its stretching qualities. Never add water as this will destroy your mold or object.
Note: Shrinkage in Latex Rubbers may occur due to the water in the Latex and the rate at which it is evaporated. Normally, a 3% shrinkage may be expected. However, should you dilute the Latex with water or attempt to accelerate the drying process with excessive heat, the shrinkage will consequently be excessive and result in distortion and cracking of the rubber mold.
Always prevent from freezing. Product will be shipped via heated service when required, additional charges may apply.

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