Kwikee Pressure Sprayer 32oz can

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The Kwikee sprayer is an economical alternative to aerosols for dispensing release agents and sealing agents. It is a faster, labor-saving way to cover large models or molds and delivers sealing agent or release agent in a fine mist. Applying release agents using the Kwikee Sprayer delivers a much higher percentage of actual release agent to the surface. Offers the convenience of an aerosol and the savings associated with buying releases in bulk.
APPLICATIONFill the sprayer with any liquid and charge with air using a compressor with a common tire fill air chuck. Press the Kwikee trigger to spray. Adjust the spray setting using the nozzle: from a very fine mist to a concentrated stream.
VERSATILITYThe Kwikee Sprayer can be used to deliver any low viscosity liquid to any surface including sealing agents like SuperSeal and Ease Release 2831, or In & Out Concrete release agent.
MADE TO LASTThe Kwikee Sprayer is made of anodized aluminum and is chemical and water resistant. It will work with water based, solvent based or oil based liquids.

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