Hyper-Folic Release Additive

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HYPER-FOLIC Release Additive is a non-toxic, skin conditioning liquid that is mixed with Body Double¨ silicone mold rubber prior to applying rubber to the skin. HYPER-FOLIC will not only aid in releasing cured rubber from the skin but will also release cured rubber from hair-covered skin surfaces (closely cropped beards, moustaches, eye-brows, pubic hair, etc.).

Body Double with HYPER-FOLIC will still bond to itself.
Little or no release cream residue in the cured rubber means your mold is immediately ready for casting.
Used as directed, HYPER-FOLIC has minimal affect on the tear strength of Body Double, allowing for an extremely strong mold.

HYPER-FOLIC does not affect the skin safety rating of Body Double.

How Does HYPER-FOLIC additive affect Body Double mold rubber?

It will lengthen the pot life and cure time of Body Double silicone.
It will slightly reduce the tear strength of cured Body Double silicone.
Cured Body Double rubber may shrink slightly over time vs. Body Double without the additive.

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