HX-Body Latex

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Size: Pint
Color: Natural


Product may freeze if exposed to colder temperatures during shipping. Customer must accept the risk or request to ship during warmer weather.

HX-Body Latex is a premium grade Natural Liquid Latex product for painting directly onto the body to create a variety of skin effects including paint-on clothing and costume effects. HX-Body Latex is easy to color pigment with FabTone Latex Pigments and can be applied with a sponge, fingers or a brush. Can also be thinned for airbrush application. Currently available in natural (unpigmented), black and white.

Anyone with known latex allergies should not use cured, or uncured, latex directly against the skin. If they are not sure, always do a small scale test by applying a small amount to the inside of the model's arm to test sensitivity to latex or ammonia. If a rash does appear, simply remove the latex coating by washing thoroughly with mild soap and warm water and avoid using liquid latex on the skin again.

HX-Body Latex will bond to body hair. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that any part of your model's body to be dipped, or coated, or painted with HX-Body Latex should be free of body hair. If you do get liquid latex into your hair, it is best removed in the shower with a generous amount of soap to help lubricate the latex coating enough to gently slide off of the embedded hairs. Apply a liberal coating of any good moisturizing lotion just before applying the liquid latex to the skin can help facilitate easy removal after use.

HX-Body Latex should not be applied over the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. HX-Body Latex is intended for external use only and refrain from applying it on inflamed, patchy, acne-prone, and damaged skin.

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