HX-80 Mold Making Latex

SKU: 802864

Size: Quart


Unit Size Net Weight
Quart 2 lb
Gallon 8 lb
Five Gallon 40 lb



Product may freeze if exposed to colder temperatures during shipping. Customer must accept the risk or request to ship during warmer weather.

HX-80 is a vulcanizable, low viscosity mold making latex featuring high wear resistance and low shrinkage for concrete casting. Best for making molds of 2-dimensional flat pieces for architectural or decorative objects. Molds are suitable for casting plaster, concrete and wax.

NOTE: Latex can be used for limited casting of some resins. The higher the exotherm of the casting material, the quicker the mold will degrade and become unusable. Smooth-On silicone rubbers are better suited for resin casting applications.


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