Hanson Swing-T Drum Mixer 36" height, 1/2"Shaft

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Now you can mix materials in Drum containers through the pour spout on the lid of the container! Materials which are packaged in a sealed metal or plastic Drum container can be time consuming to open, by entering the pouring spout with the Swing-T Drum Mixer you can mix with action that you couldn't obtain without removing the top. The Swing-T opens to a 5 inch mixing diameter when centrifugal force is applied. This mixer follows the tradition of the other Hanson Plunge mixer line, having teeth on the bottom for added mixing action and the ability to loosen material from the bottom of mixes without harming the container. Enter through the bung hole of 55 gallon drums. The 3 mixing blades are adjustable for the depth of the mix.
Head Height 3-1/2"
Head Diameter 5-3/4" x 2-1/8"
Shaft Diameter 1/2"
Overall Length 36"
3 Mixing Heads

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