Hanson Gallon Plunge Mixer 15" height

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The Hanson Mixer is constructed of zinc-aluminum alloy, with heavier zinc content for durability and longer life which produces a quick hurricane action. The head is cast and tumbled smooth with a burr-free finish for easy clean up. Hanson plunge mixers are top of the line heavy-duty mixers recognized as the best mixers available with absolute minimum of air entrapment. Plunge mixers will mix dry mix materials, plasters, paints, glues, 2 part combo mixes, glazes, fiberglass, mortar, cements, foundry core mixes, and molding sands. Mixing container size = Gallon.
Head Height 1-3/8"
Head Diameter 1-1/8"
Shaft Diameter 1/4"
Overall Length 15"
This mixer follows the tradition of the other Hanson Plunge mixer line, having teeth on the bottom for added mixing action and the ability to loosen material from the bottom of mixes without harming the container.
What Mixer Do I Use?
It is very important to choose the right mixer for your job. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the right Plunge Mixer.The mixer needs to be small enough to keep submerged in the mix.The mixer needs to be large enough to move the mix throughout the container. When mixing thicker mixes that have settled you need to be able to start at the top of the mix and push into the settled material in the bottom. When you start going into the fluid part of the liquid at the top the mixer needs to be submerged before starting, or splashing may occur.Sometimes in this situation you may need to start with a smaller mixer and once the settlement is loosened you can go to a larger mixing head. Choose your R.P.M. carefully. Mixing at too high of speed can cause splashing or injury. Wear safety glasses when mixing at all times.

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